SHAN ZU Challenge


1️⃣Within 1 minute video/reel

2️⃣Use any tools or garnish from you kitchen

3️⃣Tomato must be the star of the dish

4️⃣You just need to film the entire process and post it on your Instagram by tagging us #shanzuchallenge.

Challenge Video Example:

For participation:

To appreciate for your participation, we will give you a special discount code with 30% off, the code takes effect from the day you posts the video/reel on your Instagram, expiry date is 31th December,2022.You can use this special discount code at checkout when purchasing any products on our website. Link in the bio. We hope you can register to our official website to become our VIP,so you won’t miss out any deals in the future.

Who We Are:

In the end, let me briefly introduce the SHAN ZU brand to you, it all started with a bold idea in a factory in 1987 -- To make a better knife.After 19 years of collection of feedback from millions of kitchen knife users, we found the recipe for making a better knife. That is, one that inspires us to cook, and encourages us to spread happiness and enjoy life.So in 2016, we established SHAN ZU brand to do something amazing, and something meaningful.