• SHAN ZU knives are manufactured in the world’s third largest knife city -- Yangjiang, China. They are processed in a state-of-the-art facility, by some of the most skilled experts, with the most advanced technology. They are results of tradition, time, wisdom and technology.

  • In general, SHAN ZU products sell at the same price on every online e-commerce site except at special festivals or events. You can subscribe SHAN ZU Newsletter so you can get informed of the in-time special offers.

  • You can buy SHAN ZU knives from SHAN ZU official website and SHAN ZU online stores on Amazon.

    For the time being we have no authorized distributors, but we plan to have many in the near future. Please subscribe our Newsletter to keep you informed. Alternatively please contact us for more information.

  • It depends on your own personal preferences. Especially a chef’s knife is usually a must-have in any kitchen. For detailed information of various knives of different dedicated purpose, please visit our website:

  • Each culinary blade shape has been developed over the years to address specific needs and uses. Some, like the chef’s knife and the paring knife, are general-purpose knives that every kitchen and every cook needs. Others, like the boning knife and the meat cleaver, are for cooks who have specialized needs; in this case, working extensively with meats. The product description for each knife on SHAN ZU website provides information on the key uses for each particular knife.

  • Micro chipping can be shown on an even very hard steel knife with poor knife technique and improper use on wrong food. A cook who is unfamiliar with the hardness of Japanese knives may use a knife to cut bones or other very tougher food, or strongly chop down against a cutting board, so as to cause chipping on a blade edge. The damage will be even more pronounced when cutting against ceramic, glass or marble.

    Micro chips in the blade edge can also occur if a spot of rust develops on the extremely thin edge because of poor maintenance of the knife. Please make sure the knife is thoroughly dry before storing, the chances of chipping are reduced enormously.

    Of course, if there is a problem with the materials or manufacturing itself, we’ll take care of that, too. Please contact us for evaluation.