Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Watermelon Cubes

Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Watermelon Cubes

Jan 13, 2022ZU SHAN


What's Watermelon?

One of the most widely loved summer fruits, watermelon, also known as Citrullus lanatus, is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family and is one of the yummiest creations given to humanity. Grown in a flowering plant, watermelon is excessively cultivated worldwide. What's more, while it might seem like a basic fruit, it is nothing like that! There are around 1,000 or more varieties of fruit present worldwide.

Watermelon can be found in regions that have temperate to tropical climates. Don't confuse watermelon with melons. These have pink and deep reddish flesh with tones of black-colored seeds. The outside of the watermelons is usually green. Ranging back to 3500 BC, this fruit is a part of the domestication process by Egyptians.

Below is an elaborative guide on all you need to know, from cutting a watermelon into cubes to other bits and pieces of info you need.

How To Pick a Watermelon?

One can only get the best out of a watermelon if one knows how to pick it in the first place. If you truly want to learn how to cut a watermelon into cubes and eat it, you need to make sure that you get your hands on the sweetest one out there. The trick to identifying the ripest watermelon on the ground is looking for the yellow spot.

All watermelons have yellow spots on them. This spot is usually created when the watermelons are resting on the ground for a long period. As a result of this placement, a spot can be seen on the belly of the fruit. You need to look out for two things, the color of the spot and the sound that comes from it.

Make sure that the spot is creamy yellowish; that's your first indication of ripe fruit. Secondly, tap it; if you hear a hollow sound, that's your sign to get it. A hollow sound indicates it's filled with juice and is at its ripest possible state.

How To Cut a Watermelon?

· How to cut a watermelon into slices?

Before we jump into explaining how to cut a watermelon into cubes, let's learn the basic slices first. Cutting watermelon into slices is easy to work. Start the process by slicing the watermelon in half. Ensure that you do it from the middle. Now you can flip the fruit onto its base, go sideways and keep cutting long slices. And that's it, and you're done.

· How to cut a watermelon into cubes?

watermelon in cubes

Are you wondering how to cut a watermelon into cubes? Here's how. Before jumping into the process, start by cutting the watermelon into slices. Once done, you will then take off the rind of each of the slices with the help of a paring knife. Now, once the rind is way, grab your chef's knife and draw a grid pattern that will give you watermelon into cubes.

· How to cut a watermelon for a party?

If you're not careful, watermelon servings in wedges can quickly turn into a dirty mess. This is why you should always have it cut crossway. This makes it easy to hold and eat. Cut your fruit in half and then go ahead and cut it crosswise. This will give you a grid. You can also learn how to cut a watermelon into cubes for parts.

· How to make watermelon balls?

If you want bite-sized pieces of watermelon, you can cut them into balls. First off, cut your watermelon in half from the middle. Then, take a tablespoon or a melon baller and push it into the flesh of the fruit. Please take it as deep as possible and twist and scoop it out.

· How to cut stars and hearts?

Now that you have learned how to cut a watermelon into cubes, let's get a little advanced now. To cut the watermelon into stars and hearts, you would need to have a star-shaped and a heart-shaped cutter on hand. Start by cutting your watermelon in half. Then use the star-shaped cutters on one side and the heart-shaped ones on the other. Push the cutters into the flesh and pull them out.

· How to slice watermelon into triangles/wedges?

watermelon into triangles

Start by cutting the watermelon straight through the center. Then cut them in half again. Take your first quarter of the melon. Put it base down and cut slices. Now cut them in half, and you have yourself watermelon triangles or wedges.

· How to cut watermelon for kids

Kids need extra attention when eating food—serving them in the sticks in the best way. Start by cutting the watermelon in half. Then, slice it. Once done, remove the rind from each slice. Now you can serve the slices or further simplify them by turning them into small cubes. Above, we have mentioned the basics of how to cut a watermelon into cubes.

Best Knives for Cutting Watermelons

You can learn how to cut a watermelon into cubes, but you still won't do it right if you don't have the right knives. Cutting watermelons can be extremely efficient if you do it with the right set of knives. Here's what you need.

· Original Melon Knife

First up, the original melon knife is available for under $20; this knife comes with an 11 inches long blade and has serrated edges that assist in cutting the edges. The size and the sharpness of the knife make it perfect for watermelons.

· Stainless Steel Knives

Next up, there are the stainless-steel watermelon knives. Available at a cheap price of under $10, this knife has a long blade of 15.5 inches and is built specifiable for watermelon cutting. The molded handle offers ease in gripping which the rigged edges do wonders for accurate cutting.

· Heavy Duty Watermelon Knives

Another widely used tool is the heavy-duty slicer for watermelons. Available for $10.95, the sliver comes with a 10.5 inches long curved blade. The best part is that it can be used both as a slicer and a tong. It comes with a good-gripped handle and metal tip.

A Few Favorite Watermelon Recipes

1. Watermelon Juice

Serve your friends and family watermelon juice for a refreshing and hydrating experience. You will need one watermelon, at least a six-pounder, and a small lime. Start by slicing the melon in half, take big chunks of it with a spoon, and put it in a blender. You can also learn how to cut a watermelon into cubes and put cubes in the blender. Blend it until it's completely pulverized. Next, squeeze a bit of the lime and blend it for 5 seconds. You can serve the juice as it is or pour it through a strainer if you're not a pulp fan.

2. Blueberry Watermelon Salad

Blueberry watermelon salads are simple to make and a real treat for both kids and adults. Cut your melon in half, put the side down, and cut slices. Now, remove the rind and cut little cubes. Above you will get the basics on how to cut a watermelon into cubes. Assemble all the cubes in a bowl, and top it off with blueberries, freshly squeezed lime juice, some spearmint, olive oil, and you're done!

3. Watermelon Slushies

watermelon slushies

Watermelon slushes are the perfect drink for summer afternoons. You will need lime, sugar, and a ripe watermelon for this recipe. Blend all three items until you see a juice forming and the watermelon completely disintegrating. Now, add some ice to give it a slushie texture, and you're done. Serve with peppermint and cucumber slices on the edge of the glass.

1. Easy Healthy Watermelon Popsicles

There's nothing that gets the kids excited than popsicles. However, serving them store-bought ones is not always a good choice because of the sugar rush threat. Now you can make your watermelon popsicles with this recipe. You will need sugar, lime juice, and one watermelon. Cut it into chunks, remove the rind, and put it in a blender with lime juice and sugar. Now, add a little water to liquidity it. Once done, pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze overnight.

2. Watermelon Lemonade

Are you looking for a chill yet refreshing lemonade? Try this watermelon lemonade recipe. You will need ice cubes; watermelon cut into cubes, white sugar, and fresh lime juice. Blend the cubes until you get a puree. Now pour it through a strainer.

Next, take ½ cup water, for some white sugar, and boil it until the sugar is disintegrated. Take it off the heat, add around 2 or 3 cups of water (cold) as well as the lime juice. Now, pour three tablespoons of puree into each glass and then fill it up with the lemonade. Stir and serve!

Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Watermelons

  1. You can have seedless watermelons in the form of sterile fruit. These are created when a watermelon with 44 chromosomes is crossed with 22 chromosomes. The result is a watermelon with white seeds which are safe to consume. The astonishing part is that these were created around 50 years ago!
  2. The largest watermelon in the whole world weighed around 268.8 lbs. and was grown in Arkansas by a man named Lloyd Bright. The watermelon crossed world record is a part of Guinness World Records book and was the winner at the Hope Arkansas Big Watermelon Contest of 2005.
  3. Watermelons are an amazing source of water. It is said that these fruits contain around 92% of water. They are such great water sources that explorers who would travel the world would carry these instead of water canteens back in the old days! It looks like a two in one snack!
  4. While watermelons can be weighed for weight, you can also weigh them based on how sweet they are. This measurement is done with the help of a Brix Scale. Very sweet watermelons score 11 or 12 on Brix, while most of these fruits get 9 or 10.
  5. Did you grow up thinking that watermelon is a fruit? Well, we're here to tell you that watermelon is a vegetable and not a fruit! It is a part of the Cucurbit family and is quite similar to squash, cucumbers, and pumpkin!
  6. Watermelon can be consumed, on the whole, even the rinse! While it is common for people to remove the rind and eat the flesh, it is completely safe to consume the rinds well. What's more, people in China consume the rinds by stew them or stir-frying. What's more, the seeds are also eaten once dried and roasted.
  7. Watermelons are easily one of the oldest fruits of all time. They are so old that drawings of watermelons can be seen in the depictions found on the walls and doors of tombs in Egypt. What's more, Egyptians used to cultivate them for eating and even left them with the dead for nourishment purposes.
  8. Watermelon is grown excessively all over the world, but the Chinese are at the top of the list for the growth of this fruit. It is said that China grows more watermelon than any other region globally, and they even use it as gifts!
  9. Watermelons have been consumed in a wide variety of ways over the years. However, the most famous form of eating it is with a dash of salt or with feta cheese on the side. According to experts, this helps bring a salty and sweet flavor combination.
  10. Are you tired of having round watermelons? Head over to Japan for square-shaped watermelons. These are grown square by placing them in square boxes right from the beginning. As a result, they don't roll around and turn out in square shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to cut watermelon cold or warm?

It is better to cut watermelon when it is cold rather than warm or at room temperature. Cold watermelons better retain their shape and won't go soggy on you.

2. How long after you buy a watermelon should you cut it?

You should cut a watermelon within five days of making the purchase. It is also advised to eat it within this duration. Any later, and the watermelon can go bad. If you have cut it but want it to last longer, a simple trick is to store it in an airtight box and freeze it in your freezer.

3. Should I get a watermelon slicer?

Getting a watermelon slicer is always a good option if you want professionally cut fruit that isn't torn and broken. The watermelon slicers come with molded handles, metal tips, and serrated edges, making the cutting a breeze. The slicer will make the job even easier if you have learned how to cut a watermelon into cubes.

4. When are watermelons in season?

The season for watermelon starts from May and usually tends to go as long as until September. It is a summer season fruit, and you should make the most of it in these months. However, keep in mind that the exact months for watermelon growth can change based on your location.

5. Can I freeze watermelon?

Watermelon is one of those fruits that are freezer-friendly. However, keep in mind that it might get a little mushy once it thaws. This is why if you are freezing watermelon, it is best to use it for making smoothies or lemonades. Use your lessons on how to cut a watermelon into cubes, and freeze them in cube shapes to save space.

6. Are watermelon rinds edible?

Yes, watermelon rinds are safe to eat and prove to have no harmful effects. While the internal part of the watermelon, the pink flesh, is eaten worldwide, the rest is edible. Most commonly eaten in China, the green part or the rinds of the watermelon can be eaten.

7. How nutritious are watermelons?

Watermelons are one of the most nutritious fruits out there. Having 40 calories and 92% water content, these fruits are the epitome of healthiness.

8. Is watermelon a fruit or vegetable?

Watermelons are widely known to be fruits worldwide, but these are considered to be both fruits and vegetables since they belong to the squash and pumpkin family.

9. How to tell if it is ripe?

The best way to tell if a watermelon is ripe is by pressing on the creamy yellowish spot on the bottom of it. If you hear a hollow sound, you should get it immediately as the sound indicates that it is as ripe as it can be and that it's filled with juice.

10. How to tell if it is bad?

The simplest and most common way to spot if a watermelon has gone bad without opening it up is by analyzing the skin of the melon. If you find any black, greenish-blue, dark brown patches OR signs of white mold, you should let it be. Sometimes the exterior might look fine, but the interior can be slimy and bad.

11. What can I do with a watermelon rind?

There's a lot that can be done with watermelon rinds. You can candy it or make use of it while making an Indian curry. Watermelon rind is also used to make chutneys, pickles, or you can use it and turn it into a gazpacho.

12. What can I do with watermelon seeds?

Watermelon seeds for qi wide range of activities; you can eat them as they are or sprout and roast them before eating.

13. Different varieties of watermelon

There are more than 50 varieties of watermelons available, and a wide range of them are not even seen or consumed by most people. The most common ones are Royal Majesty, Hybrid Yellow doll, Regency, Carnival, Oasis, Matador, etc.

14. How to serve watermelon

Watermelon can be served in different ways. You can chop it up in cubes, slices, or wedges and serve as snacks. Or you can make a salad out of it. Watermelon can also be served in the form of smoothies or lemonades.

15. Diets watermelon is good for.

Watermelons can be consumed during different diets because it contains around 92% of water content and only 40 calories in their entirety. Watermelons also have an entire diet dedicated to it called the Watermelon diet. Are you aware of how to cut a watermelon into cubes? Go ahead, get yourself some cubes for all three meals, and you're done.

16. How to store watermelon?

The easiest way to store watermelon is by cutting it into cubes or slices and keeping them in an airtight container. Once sealed properly, you can then keep it in the freezer. If you know how to how to cut a watermelon into cubes, storage will be extremely easy.

17. How much does it yield?

Watermelons are grown worldwide, with most yield taking place in Canada. The U.S is the fifth state to grow watermelon, and Florida, Arizona, Delaware, Texas, and California are the top five states. Approximately the average yield of watermelon in the States is 39,704 pounds.

18. How long does watermelon last?

Watermelons can last in a good state for at least three to four weeks. This begins from the time when the watermelon is picked from the vine. However, it is advised that keep it just under room temperature if you plan to store it.

19. Can you eat the seeds?

Yes, watermelon seeds can be consumed in their raw state or roasted and consumed then. You can also add them in water for detox hydrating water.

20. How to cut watermelon rind

The best way to cut watermelon rind is by using a paring knife. Cut the melon in half and then into slices. Now, you can cut out the rind easily. Removing the rind will be no issue if you have learned how to cut a watermelon into cubes.

21. How to store cut watermelon

The best way to stare cut watermelon is by properly organizing it into an airtight container and then putting it in the freezer.

22. How long does it last in the fridge when cut?

When cut and stored in the freezer, watermelon can be good for as long as around three to five days.

23. How long is cut watermelon good for?

Cut watermelon is good for around three to five days if wrapped properly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

24. Can you eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, water seeds can be eaten.

25. What is the easiest way to cut a watermelon?

The easiest way to cut a watermelon is by slicing it in half first. Once done, the watermelon can then be placed with its base down and sliced. Slices are the easiest way to eat and cut melon.

26. Does uncut watermelon go bad? Does an uncut watermelon need to be refrigerated?

No, uncut watermelon will not go bad if it's stored in a place with just a little less than room temperature. What can I do with lots of watermelons?

27. How do you sweeten watermelon?

Watermelon can be sweetened by consuming it with sugar drizzled on top. You can also add maple syrup to your watermelon.

28. Why we don't recommend making melon balls!

We don't recommend that you should make watermelon balls since they are highly likely to get crushed under one another and will leave you a mess. Instead, wedges or cubes are much safer.

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