Damascus Chef Knife <tc>SHAN ZU</tc> 8" | Soleil Series

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Blade Material: Japanese AUS-10V steel core with 66 stainless steel outer layers

Blade hardness: HRC 60~62

Blade edge: 15 degrees per side

Blade type: 33 layers edged on each side

Knife core material: Japanese AUS-10 super steel

Pattern: Breathtaking Damascus hammered pattern

Handle material: G10 fiberglass

Handle color: black

Designer handle: ergonomic shape

Manufacturing method: forged

SHAN ZU Damascus Chef Knife 8" | Soleil Series includes:

8'' chef's knife (one piece)

Weight: 0.60 lbs / 272 grams
Blade length: 8.00 in / 203 mm
Handle length: 5.30 in / 135 mm
Total length: 13.30 in / 338 mm


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The leaf pattern resembles the rays of the sun, that's why we call it SUN SERIES.The most important tool in your kitchen.This versatile knife excels in any task or technique cutting.

Couteau Chef Damas SHAN ZU 8" | Soleil Série


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Couteau de Cuisine SUN Damascus

Plongez dans votre voyage culinaire avec l'agilité d'un requin des profondeurs; chaque tranche est aussi précise et flexible, reflétant la force implacable du plus grand prédateur de l'océan.

couteau de cuisine shan zu haute qualité

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couteau de cuisine shan zu haute qualité
couteau de cuisine shan zu haute qualité
couteau de cuisine shan zu haute qualité
couteau de cuisine shan zu haute qualité

Peak Performance

Ruthlessly sharp, the edge of the SUN series is meticulously sharpened by expert craftsmen to 13-15°. Carefully tapered for minimal drag, the agile blade delivers fast, precise cuts effortlessly.

Great Balance

Ergonomic shape of the bolster for a natural and flexible grip.

Robust G10 handle

Full tang - Strength, durability and control. Conical bolster, extreme comfort, perfect balance!

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Kitchen knife SHAN ZU on sale worldwide.

*The following regions are excluded: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Africa, Middle East.

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To clean and maintain your knife, it is best to follow these steps: First, clean the blade with warm water and dish soap. Be sure to rinse and dry the blade well to prevent it from rusting. Next, use a sharpening steel to sharpen the blade.

Next, use a sharpening steel to sharpen the blade. This will maintain the sharpness and ensure that the knife is in good working order.

If the blade is very dirty or if food has stuck to it, you can use a soft bristle brush to clean it. clean it gently. After cleaning and sharpening the blade, apply a thin layer of oil to the blade and handle. After cleaning and sharpening the blade, apply a thin layer of oil to the blade and handle, in order to prevent rust and keep the knife in good condition. Finally, store the knife in a safe and dry place, away from heat and humidity. Finally, store the knife in a safe, dry place, away from heat and humidity. A knife block or knife drawer organizer is a good option, as it will protect the blade and prevent accidents.

To sharpen a knife, you will need a SHANZU whetstone or a knife sharpener. To use a sharpening stone, first soak the stone in water for about 10 minutes. Next, lay the knife flat on the stone and tilt the blade so that it forms a 10 to 15 degree angle with the stone. Using long, even strokes, move the blade across the stone in a back-and-forth motion, making sure to maintain the angle of the blade. After a few strokes, move the blade to the other side of the stone and repeat the process. You must sharpen the blade along its entire length and may need to repeat the process several times to achieve the desired sharpness level.

What is Damascus steel?

The origin of the name "Damascus steel" is controversial: two Islamic scholars, Al-Kindi and Al-Biruni (c. 800-873 CE), both wrote about swords and sword steels based on appearance, the geographic location of where they were produced or forged, or the name of the blacksmith. Both authors also mention the terms "damscene" or "damascus" when describing the swords to some extent.

Based on these references, there are three possible sources where the term "comes from" Damascus" in the context of steel:

Al-Kindi refers to swords forged in Damascus in Siberia as "Damascene", but it is important to note that these swords are not described as having a wavy appearance on the surface of the steel.Al-Biruni refers to a swordsmith called Damascus who made crucible steel swords.In Arabic, the word "damascus" means "watered", and Damascus blades are often described as having a water pattern on their surface.

The most common explanation is that the steel is named after the capital of Syria, Damascus, the largest of the ancient cities Levant. The most common explanation is that the steel is named after the capital of Syria, Damascus, the largest city in the ancient Levant. These may be swords made or sold directly in Damascus, or simply the appearance of the typical patterns, in comparison with damask fabrics, which also bear the name Damascus.

Qu is German steel?

German knives are usually made of stainless steel, which has a Rockwell rating between 56 and 58. Stainless steel contains chromium . This is what lowers the Rockwell index. The advantage is that the knife blade resists corrosion and rust.

Cooks generally agree that German-style stainless steel knife blades are stronger than German-style stainless steel blades. Japanese type. Cooks generally agree that German-style stainless steel knife blades are stronger than Japanese-style blades. Its durability allows you to use it for more cutting and chopping tasks.

The softer characteristic of steel still allows for a sharp edge, but stainless steel will require you to sharpen and trim it more often. The softer steel also makes the blade easier to sharpen, although a stainless steel blade means a German knife will lose its edge more quickly than its Japanese counterpart, which is made of high-carbon steel.

Customer Reviews

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garry byrne
Great chef knife however....please see comments below

SHAN ZU 18 cm Santoku, this item has not been delivered.....

Hi, pls advice your order number ,let me check for you ,thanks.

Marcel Rusch
Extrem scharfes und sehr gutes stabiles K¨¹chenmesser!

Ich war schon seit l?ngerem auf der Suche nach einem guten K¨¹chenmesser zum Kartoffeln etc. schneiden und habe dann das hier gefunden. Die Verpackung sieht sehr edel und gut aus, das Messer bleibt nach dem waschen auch immer da drinnen. Wenn ich mein vorheriges K¨¹chenmesser mit diesen vergleiche, liegen Welten dazwischen. Dieses Messer ist extrem scharf und wirklich sehr gut geeignet um Lebensmittel bzw. in meinem Fall Kartoffeln zu schneiden ohne irgendeinen kleinen Kraftaufwand. Geht durch Fleisch, Obst und Gem¨¹se wie Butter durch. Wenn ich nur minimal dagegen dr¨¹cke, ist das Messer schon komplett durch. Das war ich bisher noch nie so gew?hnt. Man sollte damit sehr gut umgehen, weil es wirklich extrem scharf ist, zum Gl¨¹ck habe ich mich bisher noch nicht geschnitten ^^ Ich wasche es auch immer direkt nach der Benutzung per Hand. Das Messer selber wirkt auch sehr hochwertig und Edel durch das Design bzw. Damaskus Carbon Edelstahl. Es wiegt auch einiges und ist sehr stabil. Ich benutze es t?glich liebend gerne. Es ist ein echt Klasse Messer und kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

Cuchillo de cocina excelente

Os comento sobre el cuchillo de cocina , lo primero decir que me ha encantado la caja exterior. Dedpues de varias hora de uso cortando todo tipo de alimentos he de decir que es fantastico corta todo tipos de alimentos sin tener que aplicar fuerza, cortes limpios solo con deslizar el cuchillo. Su dise?o elegante y ergonomico hace que sea una gozada picar todo tipo de alimentos. Y que decir de su maravillosa terminacion. En una palabra un cuchillo de alta cocina.

Scharfes Messerset!

Super sch?nes Messerset und Messerblock. Sehr edel und gut verarbeitet. Die Messer liegen sehr gut in der Hand und schneiden so butterweich, dass ich das Schnibbeln ganz neu f¨¹r mich entdecke. Ohne gro?en Druck flie?t das Messer durch Fleisch und Gem¨¹se. Ich habe es als Geschenk f¨¹r meinen Mann gekauft und er ist gl¨¹cklich damit. Ein Messer hatte eine andere Maserung und wurde anstandslos ausgetauscht. Vielen Dank!

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