How to choose a good knife?

How to choose a good knife?

Aug 11, 2021SHANZU
Before setting out to purchase knives, consider the type of knife you will need in your kitchen. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, kitchen knives can meet a huge variety of needs , and the extent of knives needed depends on your cooking style and habits.
  • A good basic kit for an average domestic kitchen would include:
    • An all-purpose utility knife (13cm / 5 inches) – used for a range of foods; often a choice for the first knife as it can do many things.
    • A chef's knife (20-23cm / 7.8–9 inches) – used for chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting.
    • A vegetable or paring knife (8cm / 3") – used for peeling, cutting, and trimming small items of food that you hold in the hand (such as trimming small potatoes).
    • A bread knife (serrated) – used for bread, cake, fruit, and tomatoes.
    • A cleaver – used for meat, and a smaller version for chopping herbs, etc. Only buy if you need to chop serious pieces of meat.
    • A filleting knife – helps to fillet fish. Only buy if you intend on filleting; most people don't bother anymore but buy food ready filleted.
    • A carving knife – used for getting thin and even slices of meat from roasts, full roasted poultry, etc.
    • Sharpening steel, knife-honing stone, or electric honer.
  • Quite often you can buy a knife set which may contain much or all of this range; often these will be cheaper than buying them individually, but the same rules outlined in the following steps should still apply to picking a good set of kitchen knives.

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