The 5 BEST Places to get kitchen knives in Thiers,France.

These Guide Will Help You To Know The Best Couteaux De Cuisine Stores In Thiers,France.

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the undisputed French capital of cutlery!

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When you looking for a kitchen knife in France, you definitely don't want to miss the chance to study the glorious history of the city Thiers -- the undisputed French capital of cutlery, which is a commune in the Puy-de -Dôme department of Auvergne in central France – it would be a shame not to come and admire their hard work!

Thiers has forged its reputation as French unparalleled and exceptional knife manufacturer. For centuries, the cutlers of Thiers have made numerous models of knives for many towns, villages and regions in France. They dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft and skills and manufactured the high-end “made in France” cutlery collections.

 The 5 BEST Places to get kitchen knives in Thiers,France.

French gastronomy would not really be the same without the know-how of the cutlery manufacturers from Thiers. Thiers is a major historical center of knife manufacturing, with about one hundred companies and a cutlery museum; seventy percent of French pocket knives, kitchen and table knives are manufactured in Thiers. Thiers has played a pivotal role in making prowess of top quality range of utensils, from professional knives to scissors & gadget knives, and in writing the most beautiful pages in France’s cutlery history for centuries.

Undoubtedly, it’s no surprise that if you visit Thiers, the first thing you’ll not miss is the abundance of Couteaux shops in the medieval center of town. Not surprisingly there are a lot of cutlery museums in Thiers, where knife lovers and curious individuals will be able to admire the display filled with plenty of cutlery models and exceptional cutlery pieces!

If you get the chance to visit Thiers in May, then you can enjoy the Festival du Couteau d’Art aka Coutellia. It’s a well-known knife trade fair in Thiers, which is the international festival of art and traditional knives. You can discover the art of cutlery through animations and hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world. From forging demonstrations to knife sharpening and corkscrew making, Coutellia has been immersing you for years in a world of knife-making know-how and tradition. Throughout the festival, knife lovers will be able to find numerous activities in the knife-making village highlighting the know-how of the cutlers and the passion for this tool which sometimes becomes a real work of art in expert hands.

During your stay, make sure you get at least one knife – it’s also can be the perfect gift for your family or your friends – is an absolute must. Take a look at the best places to shop in this absolutely undisputed French capital of cutlery with our list of the top kitchen knives stores in Thiers.

Whether you intend to visit other cities in France or plan an extensive tour of Europe to explore some stores where you can find some amazing and professional local kitchen knives. There are some helpful guides to suggest you locate the top local kitchen knife stores. So get ready to find the best places as we delve into the following:

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    COUTELLERIE FRANÇOIS 1ER presents a wide choice of knives: utility, folding, kitchen, table, leisure, collection, pocket, Le Thiers ® handmade, for hunting and hiking.They also provide advice and guidance. They help you choose the knife best suited to your needs.The pure and elegant line of the THIERS makes it a knife of choice for the table. Forged range with handles in various woods, horn or all stainless steel. Selection of forged kitchen knives, high quality steel Z50CD15, cade wood handle.

    Store information:

    (1)Address:5 Rue du Bourg, 63300 Thiers, France

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Tuesday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Wednesday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Thursday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Friday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Saturday 10AM-12PM 2-6PM

    Sunday Closed



    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says: “A very nice meeting and experience. Nice knife shop well worth a visit. There are many models but don't worry, the very friendly owner will be able to advise you. A big thank you to the latter who took care to guide us in our search for a Thiers knife! ”
    One reviewer Says:”This cutlery offers very good knives (P.Cognet, Le Fidèle, etc.) and the welcome is both simple and warm. It is the ideal place to discover, exchange around what fascinates us and of course buy beautiful objects if you wish. Without doubt my favorite place in Thiers. Even my seven year old daughter loves going there with me. Thanks!”
    One reviewer Says:”Favorite cutlery, great meeting and very beautiful knives, thank you for the welcome.”
    2.Cognet Cutlery Manufacture

    SINCE 1835 The Cognet Cutlery Factory is established in Thiers, the world capital of cutlery. All our knives are entirely handmade in our workshops in the purest cutlery tradition. A heritage of more than 180 years of cutlery know-how to present you with the best of our productions.

    The Manufacture offers you its table knives directly inspired by the famous Douk-Douk© for a table of great days or a sober and refined design for all circumstances.True to its reputation, the Manufacture signs these different models, a guarantee of impeccable quality.

    Store information:

    (1)Address:54 Rue des Horts, 63300 Thiers, France

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 9:30-11:30AM

    Tuesday 9:30-11:30AM 2-5PM

    Wednesday 9:30-11:30AM 2-5PM

    Thursday 9:30-11:30AM 2-5PM

    Friday 9:30-11:30AM

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday Closed

    (3)Manufacture Coutellerie Cognet Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”Extraordinary knife to have absolutely if you are an exceptional lover. A perfect success from Ets Cognet. It comes with a great case and a collector's sticker.”
    One reviewer Says: “thank you for your warm welcome. Very complete explanations on the manufacture of your knives. Very beautiful products that we really want to own or offer.”
    One reviewer Says:”The fact of your products draws attention to its quality and history and I am very impressed with what you offer, but unfortunately I cannot get any of the Douk Douk knife parts, and if you would send the ' one of the pieces with thank you, knowing that I am in Tunisia with my greetings”

    3.Perceval Workshop

    The Atelier Perceval manufactures and markets top-of-the-range kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives. Based in Thiers, the historic capital of French cutlery, our knives are part of the know-how of this cutlery tradition.

    The Atelier Perceval manufactures and markets top-of-the-range kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives. Based in Thiers, the historic capital of French cutlery, our knives are part of the know-how of this cutlery tradition. This “Made in France” quality craft production is approved by the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and Ateliers d’Art de France labels.

    Store information:

    (1)Address:20 Av. of the United States, 63300 Thiers, France

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday Closed

    Tuesday 8:30AM-5PM

    Wednesday 8:30AM-5PM

    Thursday 8:30AM-5PM

    Friday 8:30AM-4PM

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday Closed

    (3)Atelier Perceval Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”After purchasing a French folding from Perceval more than 10 years ago, I bought yesterday one of the last born, the office bevel 10 cm. I've been trying office knives for years and I was not totally satisfied. It is perfect both in terms of its outfit, its balance, its aesthetics, its price (accessible) and its cut of course. ”
    One reviewer Says:”this paring knife is perfect!!! the beginning of a collection. congratulations to all the team of the workshop for this delivery before the holidays. THANK YOU.”
    One reviewer Says:”My L08 had stains on the blade after a few cuts and could not be removed. After consulting an employee, I was sent a tube of polishing paste. The result is very good. The knife is very clean and is a lot of fun. Thank you very much for the uncomplicated and very competent customer service. Thank you”

    4.Istyl - Online cutlery


    Istyl specializes in the sale of table knives, professional or top-of-the-range kitchen knives and their accessories (sheaths, guns, stones, sausage cutters, bread cutters, etc.) The company also offers you a complete universe of chef's knives, which is a specialty thanks to a partnership with the great houses of Thiers. Istyl offers you, first and foremost, knives made in France, manufactured in the cutlery tradition of Thiers by the greatest houses and renowned craftsmen. They are committed to promoting local know-how and protecting the value of manual work. They thus guarantee you a purchase that has meaning and style.

    Store information:

    (1)Address: Chochat, 63300 Thiers, France

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 8AM-6PM

    Tuesday 8AM-6PM

    Wednesday 8AM-6PM

    Thursday 8AM-6PM

    Friday 8AM-6PM

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday Closed

    (3)Istyl - Online cutlery Details


    Customer Review:
    One reviewer Says: “Many choices in this cutlery line. I bought a box of 6 table knives. They are beautiful, of good quality, resistant and cut very well. In addition, they were made in France, which I favor during my purchases. ”
    One reviewer Says:”Finally a site on which the made in France is in the spotlight. The Laguiole, Pradel, etc. brands have gone into the public domain for many, but on Istyl, which is in Thiers, you can buy products made here by French artisans and SMEs. Istyl repairs old knives, a token of know-how!”
    One reviewer Says:”I bought a Coursolle 6 pieces. (I have about fifty knives). I am so satisfied that I ordered the same for a friend. Unbeatable quality/price ratio.”

    5.Atelier 1515 - Art cutlery in Thiers


    Manu Laplace combines meticulousness and refinement to create exceptional knives: Damascus folding knives, top of the range kitchen knives, pocket knives, fixed knives, etc.Made in France and the result of know-how handed down from generation to generation, Manu Laplace knives reflect a history associated with the mastery of precision steel technology.

    Manu Laplace, in constant search of beauty and excellence, pushes refinement and technicality into every detail, every element of the knife.Offering Damascus blades, real steel laminate, with unique, changing reflections, which stand out in the singularity.In order to offer you a very beautiful French-made work, the Manu Laplace workshops in Thiers welcome you to discover our collections and our know-how.They are keen to share our passion for cutlery and arts and crafts in associated fields such as leather goods to offer you exceptional boxes and belt cases, for example.

    Store information:

    (1)Address:4 Rue Camille Joubert, 63300 Thiers, France

    (2)Alice Délice Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”Manu Laplace and his wife gave us an unforgettable day. Having traveled to Thiers from Germany, I wanted to visit her studio and was lucky that both were present despite the holiday week. Unsurpassed hospitality, warm and genuine sympathy - great! We learned a lot about the detailed approach to everything he tackles. Manu thinks about every knife and leaves nothing to chance. So the knife I bought is a work of art and much more than just a craft. We wish you all the best and lots of health (!)! Good bye!”
    One reviewer Says: “Very warm welcome, superb exceptional knives. ”
    One reviewer Says:”Team and exceptional knives.”

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