Paneer Tikka Sandwiches With Tandoori Mayonnaise

Paneer Tikka Sandwiches With Tandoori Mayonnaise

Jun 03, 2020Collaboratornick @ refersion

Paneer Tikka Sandwiches with Tandoori Mayonnaise –crispy whole grain sandwiches with chunks of vegetables and paneer tikkas nestled in a spicy tandoori mayo sauce pan grilled to perfection.

When the kitchen knife brand “SHAN ZU” contacted me recently to see whether I could review one of their GYO series chef’s knives, I was excited as I have never owned any high quality knife to use in my kitchen; just some local store knives that I have been making do with!

When I checked out who and what they were, I was so thrilled that I get to use one of these highly tested, beautiful and innovative knives that has been crafted keeping all kinds of cuisines in mind! With a mix of 3 kinds of steel in each knife and the edges so sharp (I was so afraid to even hold them!) crafted by Japanese traditional Honbazuke method, I could not wait to use it to make these mouthwatering sandwiches.

This gorgeous knife not only looks beautiful and sturdy, it also comes in a beautiful box with a magnetic cover; a perfect way to store your knife without fear of any damage or scratches that may occur if you store in any random way! The whole blade too has a thick plastic cover along with a small hard plastic cover just for the sharp tip! No accidental cuts or bruises to anyone who handles it!


No cooking is complete without a good quality knife and I can assure you that this sturdy, ergonomically designed SHAN ZU  “GYO” series 8-inch chef’s knife is something all cooks (especially home chefs and food bloggers) would love to have in their knife collection. I know my son (who loves to cook gourmet food) already loves it!

Read on at the bottom of the post to find out how you can get this beautiful and “any chef’s delight” knife at an enticing discount!

Now, on to these heavenly paneer tikka sandwiches, made easy with this sturdy knife!



Our family loves to indulge in healthy and flavorful sandwiches for a quick lunch/snack or dinner. One sandwich I have been waiting to make is this spicy vegetable sandwich with quintessential Indian tandoori flavors!

I was so sure that this beautiful, sturdy and sharp knife was going to play a big part in making this mouthwatering grilled sandwich a breeze!

Sandwiches are not usually associated with Indian cuisine, but if you see now, a number of street food vendors as well as restaurants in India do have a sandwich section (especially in cafes and fast food restaurants)!

The key is using Indian flavors like chilli powder/cayenne, chaat masala powder (a tangy and lip-smacking street food ingredient) and any tandoori masala powder you can find in the market. I have used MDH Tandoori Barbecue masala powder; you can make your own mix (in notes) or use garam masala powder instead.


For this paneer tikka tandoori mayo sandwich, all you need are some simple ingredients maybe already in your kitchen –

Basic filling – onions, bell peppers/capsicum, tomatoes, paneer (Indian cottage cheese) or chicken for meat lovers! I decided to grill paneer cubes in an aromatic tandoori mixture before filling it in sandwiches; the paneer tikka element! (Note: Chopping paneer into small, neat cubes was a breeze with this SHAN ZU knife! No crumbling at all!)

The key to a delectable filling is always the sauce. I have used mayonnaise as the base and built up flavors with more tandoori masala powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, chaat masala powder and a dash of tomato ketchup.

Now, how can I make an Indian tikka sandwich and not have green mint-cilantro chutney in it? Just blend cilantro, mint leaves, green chilies/jalapenos, some cumin and garlic pods to a fine paste. Slather some on the bread slices before filling it.

I prefer a whole wheat or multigrain bread in my sandwiches anytime compared to plain white bread but you can use any bread you like.

Just mix the filling and tandoori mayo sauce and grill the sandwiches on a grill pan, flat griddle pan, sandwich maker etc. slathered with butter until crisp and golden brown on both sides.

Every bite of these mouthwatering Paneer Tikka Sandwiches is bursting with aromatic flavors found in any tandoori dish – spicy, tangy, chatpata, lip smacking and crunchy along with the freshness you get in any vegetable sandwich!

My family loved it so much and I am making this again this week! Do try these mouthwatering paneer tikka sandwiches at your next party, gathering or as a snack for lunch or dinner; you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking Foodie friends!


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