PRO Series 7" Santoku Knife

PRO Series 7" Santoku Knife

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All-Round Knife -- An alternative to a chef’s knife. Santoku means "three virtues" in Japanese, that is, excelling at slicing, dicing and mincing.

Push-Cut Master -- The 7" santoku knife is typically shorter than a chef’s knife with noticeably different blade geometry, featuring a sheep’s foot rounded tip and a straight edge that increases the cutting area and excels at downward cut, making it a push-cut master. The evenly spaced pockets on the blade prevent food from sticking to it.

Exceptional Sharpness and Precision -- The blade core is made of Japanese AUS-10V high carbon steel rated at 60-62HRC hardness ensuring effortless cutting and long edge retention. The shockingly thin 15°±1° double bevel edge excels at fine cuts. With high sharpness and precision, it cuts food like a breeze.

Breathtaking Raindrop Pattern -- The blade, forged with 67 layers of steel, presents stunning raindrop pattern with high artistic value that is permanent and rust resistant.

Ergonomic Handle -- The handle has a nice crescent shape ending with a smooth curve on the butt, which fits like a glove, providing safe grip and confident control. It’s made of G10 material that won’t deform thus guarantees life-long durability.

Easy Maintenance -- 66 layers of stainless steel cladding over the blade core produce exceptional corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Less time needed for the maintenance.



SHAN ZU PRO Series 7" Damascus Santoku Knife

SHAN ZU PRO Series is a high-performance 67-layer Damascus knife collection. It strikes a balance between sharpness, edge retention and rust resistance.
This is achieved by laminating 67 layers steel into one blade -- Japanese high carbon AUS-10V steel is on the blade core that actually does the cutting job with
its high hardness and exceptional sharpness, while 66-layer stainless steel on the exterior supports the ultra-hard cutting core and prevents the blade from
rusting. This type of blade construction beats the weakness of single steel and greatly enhances the overall performance of the blade.


Beauty of Blade

Precision forged from a premium Japanese AUS-10V steel core for extreme sharpness and edge retention & 66-layer of stainless steel cladding for exceptional
strength, durability, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Scientifically constructed to perfection. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness, flexibility and corrosion
resistance. The hardness of cutting core reaching up to 62HRC for unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention. The sheep’s foot blade increases the cutting
area and excels at downward cut, making it a push-cut master. The evenly spaced pockets on the blade prevent food from sticking to it. Exquisite raindrop pattern looks
eye-pleasing, which is permanent and rust resistant. The thumb rest and inclined heel ensure the most using comfort. The full length of the blade can be used when
cutting and can be sharpened from bolster to tip.

shanzu-Pro-Series-7-Santoku-Knife shanzu-Pro-Series-7-Santoku-Knife

Art of Edge

The cutting edge is made of premium Japanese high-carbon AUS-10V steel. It has high hardness, high sharpness and good edge retention. Sharpened to shockingly
thin 15°±1° on each side using Japanese Honbazuke method, guarantees precise cutting. Miniature serrations located on the very edge to enhance the sharpness and
ease the cutting.


Beauty of Handle

Made of military-grade material G10. Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture. Guarantees life-long durability while staying sanitary and easy to be cleaned. Carefully
hand polished to present a smooth and gorgeous surface. Very comfortable to use. Ergonomic handle shape guarantees superior hand control, agility and comfort.
Skeletonized tang for superb robustness, balance and quality. Triple riveted for firm and secure construction. Especially the center rivet is etched with an exquisite 膳.
Embossed endcap adds weight and balance. A graceful 膳 on it for beauty. Semi bolster between the handle and the blade provides more knuckle clearance, thus
cuts more comfortably.

shanzu-Pro-Series-7-Santoku-Knife shanzu-Pro-Series-7-Santoku-Knife

*膳 (SHAN) is a word connected with healthy diet. We hope that everyone using SHAN ZU knife enjoys the joy of fine dining creation and loves their life.

66-layer stainless steel cladding over high carbon steel core
Core Steel
AUS-10V high carbon steel
Blade Hardness
Outer Steel
430 stainless steel & 431 stainless steel
Edge Bevel Angle
15°±1° per side
Edge Shape
Granton edge
Damascus Pattern
Raindrop pattern
Semi bolster
Skeletonized tang
Handle Material
G10 handle

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