Refund & Exchange


Thank you for your support of SHAN ZU, here we provide 30-day money back guarantee.  SHAN ZU always guarantee quality, but we also respect all our customers, if there's anything dissatisfied you, please try not be angry, that's not good for your health, and please give us a chance, we never want to see any unpleasant situation. Email us at: or ask for a refund, or return directly, all platforms will deal with it as soon as possible. If you just don't like it, for sure you could get your money back with no reason. SHAN ZU always welcome any suggestions. If that's a quality problem which never should happen, please do us a favor, send us the photo, nothing is perfect in the world, we always doing our best, make great efforts, but we can't control all situations, please let us know if we're not good enough, we'll improve and be better, we'll exchange or send you a new one immediately with our sincere apology. Thanks again for choosing SHAN ZU. Enjoy and be happy, your satisfaction will always be our great encouragement.