SHAN ZU Referral Program

SHAN ZU is better with friends. Give $20 and get 100 points when you successfully refer a friend. Terms

How does it work?

Step 1
Verify your SHAN ZU order number to generate your referral link.
Step 2
Your friend will receive $20 to spend on accessories and gear when they purchase a SHAN ZU chef knife.
Step 3
You will receive 100 points to spend on SHAN ZU gear, accessories, and vouchers.
Step 4
Spend your points on SHAN ZU products, gear, and accessories!

Redeem Prizes

Spend your points here. Invite more friends to unlock more rewards.

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GYO series 8" Chef Knife
PRO series 8" Chef Knife
PRO Series 7" Santoku Knife
PRO series 4" Paring Knife
ELITE series 8" Chef Knife
CLASSIC series 8" Slicing Knife
CLASSIC series 7" Santoku Knife
CLASSIC series 8" Chef Knife
CLASSIC series 8" Santoku Knife
CLASSIC series 8" Bread Knife

Monthly Leaderboard

Refer your friends to climb the leaderboards and win prizes from Feb 1st to Feb 28th. The top 10 referrers win exclusive prizes.

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Who can participate in the SHAN ZU referral program?

When you purchase a knife or accessories on, you'll receive your referral link. If you've ever purchased a chef knife on or other SHAN ZU official channels, you can participate by verifying the Order number of your purchase. This program is open to owners of the GYO, PRO , ELITE, CLASSIC buyers.


I've invited my friend, and they've purchased a chef knife. Why don't I have my points?

It may take up to 30 days after your friend purchases a knife through your link before referral points are added to your account. You will get a notification email when your points can be used. You can also see an estimate date of arrival on your referral hub.


How can I spend my points?

Use your referral points on exclusive SHAN ZU accessories, gear and vouchers. Please visit the referral hub to find out what's available right now. Referral points will never expire, but once they have been redeemed to make a voucher, the voucher must be used within 30 days of its generation.


How much are referral points worth?

SHAN ZU referral points have no real financial value. Check the referral hub to see what products you can currently purchase using your referral points. Please note that there are no limits for referral points you could get.


Can my friend use multiple referral links?

Your friend may only use one referral link when purchasing a SHAN ZU chef knife. However, there is no limit to the amount of people that can use a single link. So, share, share, share!


How to participate if your SHAN ZU chef knife is not purchased via

To enter the referral program using a purchased order number which is purchased via other sale channel, simply send an email including the order number to our customer service. Customer Service. Once your Order number has been verified, a unique referral code will be generated for your SHAN ZU account.