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SHAN ZU Santoku Knife 7 Inches High-Carbon High-Chrome Steel Stainless Steel Knives with G10 Handle

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•Material:9Cr18 steel is a high-carbon high-chromium martensitic stainless steel, After quenching, the knife has high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Stainless iron is chromium and nickel, also known as Cr stainless steel, there is a certain anti-corrosion ability

•Size: The length of this knife’s blade is 7 inches ,the thickness is 2.5mm,slim blade makes you cut faster

•Santoku knife–In modern times, along with the use of Western-style double-edged sword , asian chefs found the shape and weight of the chopper is not in line with the physiological characteristics of the East, although different meat, vegetables and fruits can use different sizes of knife, but more complicated, so they created a knife that the size is smaller than the chopper, the tip part is rounded, you can cut meat, vegetables and fruits all by this knife

•Special design:Knife surface is the sand surface, beautiful and durable, product antibacterial, rust, easy to clean, The thickness of the knife blade is about 1.3 times the thickness of a coin, and the thickness is moderate. This knife is made of imported stainless steel forging, the blade is very light but very strong. Knife body and knife handle forging design, easy to clean, not easy to break, safe and hygienic and durable

•Quality Assurance by SHAN ZU: Once ordered in our store, you’ve reached a lifetime deal with our company. Lifetime warranty of our amazing knives, contact us anytime you need and please enjoy your purchasing

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  • Description

    SHAN ZU is making professional knife production, with us you can get your knife the most favorable and enjoy the most comfortable cooking experience. Do not hesitate to invite our customer service when you need, we are always welcome ideas or questions, once you purchase in our store, you will be one of our big family, We will let you enjoy vip service and treatment.

    SHAN ZU Knife goal this year

    Our team tries to develop new fashion styles according to the daily needs of the people. We studied most people using ceramic knives, high carbon steel knives in Germany and damask steel knives. And we discovered that all people like a razor knife, that would be great if with a nice pattern. The knife must also be durable. So our goal this year is to be your best choice and make best knife for you!

    Attention: Something You Must Notice:

    1. Please be careful, DO NOT touch knife blade with your finger when using or checking your knife, you might GET HURT for its sharpness

    2. Please Place It Safely, keep away from a children touch

    3. Please use clean water, dry with clean towel

    4. Please take it as professional chef’s knife – DO NOT use it on tough food v5. Please Read the Product Using Manual First Before Using Your Damascus Steel Knife, that may help a lot to be safer

    THANK YOU for all the support, and thank you for choosing SHAN ZU!