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Ceramic Knife Set Black Professional 3 Pieces Sharp Knives with Sheaths

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•Extremely Sharp: Made of black zirconia which is the second hard material in the world compared to diamond. 15X longer sharpness then steel knife, never abrasion, no sharpening needed

•Health Defender: Special zirconia material of ceramic knife makes it never rust, non-pb, non toxic, free of chemical leakage and poison odor. Becomes a healthy defender of our daily kitchen life

•Comparison with Steel Knife: Material of steel knife contains iron ion which would excite the fishy smell when worked on meat. While ceramic knife is iron free which would never cause chemical respond, and it will keep the original food flavor to do just what you want

•Package Quantity: 6 inch chef’s knife, 5 inch utility knife, 4 inch fruit knife with 3 knife sheaths and one fancy gift box

•Quality Assurance by SHAN ZU: Once ordered in our store, you’ve reached a lifetime deal with our company. Lifetime warranty of our amazing knives, contact us anytime you need and please enjoy your purchasing

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  • Description
  • SHANZU – Ceramic Knife Set 3 Pieces

    Why Ceramic ?

    We choose ceramic as our knife’s material for its high density, hardness and extra strong wear resistance. When compared with steel, ceramic is sharper and harder, no sharpening needed. Ceramic knife would never rust or corrode, easy to clean, environment-friendly. Ceramic knife effectively prevent the growth of bacterial with its long-time sharpness. In modern times, people would prefer to live a healthier life which exactly in concert with our knife set design. Healthy knife would be your healthy good assistance in your kitchen, so why not ?

    What You Will Get

    * 6’’ chef’s knife with sheath

    * 5’’ utility knife with sheath

    * 4’’ fruit knife with sheath

    * elegant gift box

    * Lifetime connection with SHAN ZU

    Attention&Warning: Something You Must Read Before:

    1. Never DROP a ceramic knife or use it on SOLID food in case of potential hurt to you and your knife

    2. Please place it safely, keep away from children touch

    3. Please clean it with cold cleaning water or other soap liquid

    4. Do not put your hand towards to the blade for testing the sharpness

    5. Do not try to put the knife into the dish-washing machine

    6. DO NOT TRY TO SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE, there’s no need of sharpening when you have a ceramic knife, we guarantee the quality and you could contact our customer service for better suggestions If you have any further questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us or you could post on ‘Customer Questions & Answers’, end of this page, THANK YOU