Our Story

It all started with a bold idea in a factory in 1997 -- To make a better knife.

After 19 years of collection of feedback from millions of kitchen knife users, we found the recipe for making a better knife. That is, one that inspires us to cook, and encourages us to spread happiness and enjoy life. So in 2016, we established SHAN ZU brand to do something amazing, and something meaningful.

  1. We seek out artisans with rich experience of knife making. We share with them what we have learnt from our customers. And they integrate them with their expertise to make every featured knife set that is suitable for everyone across the world and perfect for any occasions.
  2. We introduce the state-of-the-art methods to create beautiful and innovative knives at far greater value than traditional brands. Each knife boasts razor-sharp blade, exceptional precision, well-balanced design and superior performance.
  3. We adopt the modern facility to make every inspiration happen. We use the premium material, renovate from the traditional knife making, and carry the craftsman spirit to create every knife worthy of our brand. We pursue the highest standards professionally, personally, and ethically.

Believing that customers are the smartest group who can distinguish the good or bad material, and the good or bad craftsmanship. When making every knife, we pay attention to every single tiny detail, and make every tiny part fit perfectly. We aim to produce every knife with a soul that can connect with its users, and inspire them.

Fame and profits alone seldom equal respect. Respect comes from doing the right things in the right way and building something that matters.

Customers are always the direction we move forward. Our goal is not to sell thousands of millions of knives, but to “sell” cooking pleasure and life happiness to thousands of millions of people across the world.

We are enthusiasts who love what we do.

Most importantly, we Creat Greatness Never Compromise.

Basic Series

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