Introduction of Multi-layer Blades&Damascus

The benefit of the sandwiching structure is to strike a balance both the harder & sharper edge and better durability of the entire blade

The most simple multi-layer blades have a three layer structure, made of a hard steel core that is sandwiched by soft (resilient) steel so that the hard core is exposed only at the cutting edge. That realizes better durability or chip-resistance.

* Hard steel core is generally easier to be chipped, that’s why the sandwich structure can be a good solution.


One of the applied approach of the multi-layer blades eventually leads to a Damascus pattern. Therefore, such a multi-layer structure can not simply be said ‘no meaning’ from a view of strength and durability. Many sandwich outer layers covering the center core realize the unique damascus pattern for each knife. You can get only one design of the blade in the world. Therefore damascus knives are much recommended as a gift as well as just for better cooking or hunting experience. One demerit of the damascus knives is the cost because of additional production process. It takes the best and worst qualities of different kinds of steel and uses them to create a stronger, more durable knife. All of this series are made as described above, hence the higher pricing. It takes countless hours of labor to produce one single blade, but a lifetime guarantee can ensure that your money is well spent. If you have yet to own a well made, hand crafted super knife we urge you to order today. We will make sure you are satisfied in every way possible