GYO Series 3" Peeling Knife

GYO Series 3" Peeling Knife

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Perfect for Detail Work -- A specialized type of paring knife is ideal for removing skin and blemishes from fruits and vegetables and great for decorative and detail work. It’s also used to make a cut known as a tourné cut in vegetables like carrots, potatoes.

Exceptional Sharpness -- The specially-designed pointed tip is excellently qualified for delicate detail cutting, coring and scoring.

Unique Pattern and Shape -- The knife is geometrically shaped for a fashionable look and the blade presents a gorgeous Lurking Shark pattern with artistic value, making it an unique piece standing out from other knives on the market.

Easy Maintenance -- Forged from a single piece of premium Japanese high-carbon steel for superior sharpness, then cladded with 66 layers stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance. Long edge retention and ease of sharpening.

Double-bevel Blade -- The edge is hand polished to approximately 15° per side. Whether you are a left-hander or a right-hander, you can easily use it. Double-bevel blade is easy for sharpening.


SHAN ZU GYO Series is a fashionable version of the SHAN ZU series.

Clean-cut shape, cool pattern and more sophisticated craftsmanship are what make it distinctive from SHAN ZU Pro series and any other kitchen knives in the market.



Art of Edge

The cutting edge is made of high performance high-carbon steel, making cutting a breeze.
Hand polished to approximately 15° on each side using Japanese Honbazuke method, guarantees precise cutting. The thoughtfully designed pointed tip minimizes surface resistance for buttery smooth cut through.
The inclined heel provides more knuckle clearance for comfortable cutting and protects the finger from hurting.


Beauty of Handle

Made of military-grade material G10. Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture. Guarantees life-long durability while staying sanitary and easy to be cleaned.
The textured handle boasts smooth line and modern geometric shape to create a contemporarily fashionable look, secure grip and perfect balance. Ergonomically designed for superior hand control, agility and comfort.
Triple riveted for firm and secure construction.


Edge Angle
Blade Hardness
Blade Material
Japanese steel core & stainless steel cladding
Narrowing Tang
Handle Material
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