Unboxing & Review Contest


The Unboxing & Review Contest is back! While we're all eagerly waiting for the GYO Series chef knife, after a long time sold out, how about a chance to go hands-on with our latest new sharpest series?

At each launch, the Community is the first place where we announce the Unboxing & Review Contest. You all know our chef knives from top to bottom, so we want to hear your take on our latest series knives. Your analysis is incredibly valuable, not just to us, but to every member of the SHAN ZU community. This is your chance to write an unbiased, unfiltered review, that covers every aspect of our latest chef knives. Make a name for yourself as a knife user and influencer, all the while shaping the global image of the 8" GYO Series chef knife. Those who get the honor of being selected will be among the first ones to receive the 8" GYO Series chef knife in the world.

If you know your knives from your hand, and have a way with words, send in your application to join the review program today. We can't wait to hear what you have to say. And when all is said and done, you get to keep your 8" GYO Series chef knife all to yourself. Submissions are open till 10:00 pm EDT on March 15, and we'll announce our final reviewer squad by 10:00 PM (EDT) on April 12.

  • Believing that customers are the smartest group who can distinguish the good or bad material, and the good or bad craftsmanship. When making every knife, we pay attention to every single tiny detail, and make every tiny part fit perfectly. We aim to produce every knife with a soul that can connect with its users, and inspire them.

    Fame and profits alone seldom equal respect. Respect comes from doing the right things in the right way and building something that matters.

  • Customers are always the direction we move forward. Our goal is not to sell thousands of millions of knives, but to “sell” cooking pleasure and life happiness to thousands of millions of people across the world.

    We are enthusiasts who love what we do.

    Most importantly, we Creat Greatness Never Compromise.

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