Unboxing & Review Contest Get SHAN ZU GYO Series for Professional Review

Are you ready for the latest GYO series cook's knife? Unlock the extremely sharp with us.


Deep Unbox & Review

SHAN ZU GYO series 8" cook's knife



How do I become a SHAN ZU GYO knife Reviewer?

Just sign in, fill in the Application Form in details and submit a completed Application Form. The reviewers are selected based on several criteria, but primarily on their background and experience with knife, and their interest to provide a helpful review of SHAN ZU products.


How many reviewers will be selected?

The number of selected reviewers depends on the number of eligible entries received.


Are the reviewer expected to write only positive reviews?

No. We welcome honest opinions about the product. We request a professional, thoughtful and in-depth review.


How many reviews are the reviewer expected to complete?

In general, the reviewer is expected to provide at least one work of review. The odds of winning may rise if the reviewer provides more within the required time.