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The birthplace of Messer brands - Solingen, Germany

Sep 27, 2022SHANZU

Discover the “City of Blades”

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Solingen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The city lies southwest of Wuppertal in the Bergisches Land. The origins and center of the German cutlery industry lie in Solingen. Ore deposits, forests, and water, as well as the proximity to the trading city of Cologne, formed the prerequisites for a unique cutlery industry to develop in Solingen. The Wupper, has 116.5 km long tributary of the Rhine and flows through the blade city of Solingen. Since the 14th century, the water power of the Wupper served to drive the machines in numerous blade and knife manufactories. The Schleiferkotten, where the knife and scissors grinders worked, were built. The knifemakers' guild was first mentioned in 1571. In the 60s of the 20th century, about 700 companies with about 19,000 employees existed in Solingen. In many cases, independent home workers were still employed, who collected the knife blanks from the cutlery company and delivered them back to their own cottages after sharpening. The city name "Solingen" is a protected trademark for quality knives and solid scissors, and companies from Solingen are world leaders in the manufacture of blades in particular, such as WKC, DOVO, Wüsthof, Zwilling J. HAS. Henckels, Böker, Güde Carl Schmidt Sohn, Dreiturm, Herder, and numerous other manufacturers. About 90 percent of German cutlery and flatware manufacturers are based in Solingen.

It was definitely worth making a tour of Schloss Burg a der Wupper. As romantic half-timbering as in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, with imposing towers, and magnificent halls: Burg Castle on the Wupper invites you to experience the Middle Ages in a new way. For all fans of castles and palaces, it is a real highlight and an absolute must on any list of the greatest excursion destinations in NRW. The Höhenburg is located on a rock directly above the Wupper River in the Solingen district of Burg a der Wupper. A truly majestic location, where it overlooks the Bergisches Land and guarantees great views. As one of the largest restored castle complexes in Germany, the castle complex thrills visitors with exciting glimpses of times long past. While the knights' hall, keep, bower, and battlements (with lots of armor and swords) can be explored on your own, a guided tour is also worthwhile. You will learn about the history and the little secrets of the castle. Also for children one of the most exciting destinations in NRW.

Solingen, Germany

Since you're in the “City of Blades” you have to pay a visit to the Deutsches Klingenmuseum (German Blades Museum) is a special cultural-historical museum dedicated to the significance, manufacture, and use of the blade in the history of mankind. In the German Blade Museum, you will find a unique collection of cutlery, bright weapons, and knives, which impresses not only connoisseurs and lovers of "sharp things". It has an internationally significant collection of bladed weapons and cutting implements of all kinds and houses the largest collection of cutlery in the world. The German Blade Museum spans a wide range, from the use of blades in warlike conflicts to the history of table culture. The exhibits range from prehistoric stone blades to modern-day swords, from simple medieval knives to designer cutlery of the 21st century.

Solingen knives are especially known for their outstanding edge retention. The edge retention of a knife refers to the period of time over which a knife retains its sharpness. Traditional and elaborate techniques make the difference here between a conventional knife and a Solingen knife. The German Blade Museum spans a wide range, from the use of blades in warlike conflicts to the history of table culture. The exhibits range from prehistoric stone blades to modern-day swords, from simple medieval knives to designer cutlery of the 21st century. So make sure that you will bring these well-known Solingen knives as the perfect souvenirs for your home. Just be inspired by our selection of best places to find high-quality professional kitchen knives and other kitchen accessories in Solingen! Be sure to read through our list of the top Küchenmesser-Geschäfte when you pay a visit to the this “City of Blades”.

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  • 1.RÖR Friedrich Engels & Cie GmbH


    Friedrich Engels & Cie GmbH was founded in 1893 and has now existed for over 120 years. This tradition obliges! As a major company in the cutlery industry, they supply the trade in all areas. Traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, high-quality materials and constant quality controls guarantee the consistent quality of our brand products. Modern production methods and the experience of qualified employees guarantee good quality - and all that at fair prices.

    Store information:

    (1) Address:Hochstraße 29-31, 42697 Solingen, Germany

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 8AM-5PM

    Tuesday 8AM-5PM

    Wednesday 8AM-5PM

    Thursday 8AM-5PM

    Friday 8AM-5PM

    Saturday 8AM-5PM

    Sunday 8AM-5PM

    (3)RÖR Friedrich Engels & Cie GmbH Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”Great products and super nice and uncomplicated customer service! Many Thanks!”
    One reviewer Says: “Very sharp cutlery from Solingen!!”
    One reviewer Says:”Interesting offer at reasonable prices in factory sales."
    2.WÜSTHOF Store

    Many people are surprised to discover that, after over 200 years, WÜSTHOF remains in family hands. Equally unusual is the fact that we have remained loyal to the City of Blades, and still produce our forged knives only in Solingen, Germany. Large parts of Europe were still under the grip of the Napoleonic Wars when Johann Abraham Wüsthof founded his “Shears Factory, Steel and Iron Works” in 1814. One of the sons, Eduard Wüsthof, eventually took over the factory and expanded the range to include 1,200 models of various handmade pocket, bread, vegetable, and butcher's knives. His brother Robert, who managed the business, took the first overseas trip in 1881. Today, the seventh-generation of Wüsthof family members, cousins ​​Viola Wüsthof and Harald Wüsthof, run what has become one of the most innovative knife manufacturers in the world.

    Store information:

    (1)Address: Kronprinzenstraße 49, 42655 Solingen, Germany

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 10AM-6PM

    Tuesday 10AM-6PM

    Wednesday 10AM-6PM

    Thursday 10AM-6PM

    Friday 10AM-6PM

    Saturday 10AM-4PM

    Sunday Closed

    (3)WÜSTHOF Store Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”Very nice and competent advisor, we were informed in detail about differences, alternatives, but also superfluousness, to our original custom knives, therefore advisor and not seller. ”
    One reviewer Says:”A great, small Wüsthof shop. Modern and attractive. Very nice and competent advice. Always good offers for top goods. You can tell the quality from Solingen.”
    One reviewer Says:”Nice little factory outlet with adjoining parking lot and professional advice. The full range is available here as A and B goods. If you have fallen in love with a knife in advance, it is better to call before the visit and ask if it is available. I'm looking forward to using my new Ikon Classic steak knife.”

    3.EL. Herder KG

    EL. Herder KG with its brand Tukan is a traditional Solingen company that has been in existence since 1928 and is dedicated to the production of high-quality cutlery and flatware. They specialize in the production of working knives for harvesting and butchery, as well as knives and accessories for the household. In the manufacture of our products, EL. Herder KG relies on the centuries-old manufacturing and production methods of our ancestors, which guarantee high quality products and have made Solingen the world-famous city of blades.

    Store information:

    (1)Address: Walter-Flex-Straße 19, 42697 Solingen, Germany

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 8AM-2PM

    Tuesday 8AM-2PM

    Wednesday 8AM-2PM

    Thursday 8AM-2PM

    Friday 8AM-2PM

    Saturday 8AM-1PM

    Sunday Closed

    (3) EL. Herder KG Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”Great kitchen knives, household scissors and kitchen items for everyday use. Price / performance ratio is great!”
    One reviewer Says:”Super friendly service and great products.”

    4.J. HAS. Schmidt & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG


    Since 1829 the company J. HAS. Schmidt & Söhne GmbH & Co KG with its brand DREITURM stands as a family business for highest quality in scissors and cutlery. Join them on a journey through the history of the company, take a look at the scissors and cutlery in the product overview and read interesting facts about the care of your DREITURM cutlery. As a manufactory, they fulfill the demand for tradition and care that is associated with the location of Solingen and the product of cutlery. They manufacture a wide range of high-quality scissors for every purpose - from nail scissors to large tailor's shears, pliers for manicure and pedicure, as well as classic and modern manicure cases made of the finest materials. A selected range of cooking and vegetable knives for professional or household use completes their product range.

    Store information:

    (1) Address: Wernerstraße 11, 42653 Solingen, Germany

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 8AM-2:30PM

    Tuesday 8AM-2:30PM

    Wednesday 8AM-2:30PM

    Thursday 8AM-2:30PM

    Friday 8AM-2:30PM

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday Closed

    (3)J.HAS.Schmidt & Söhne GmbH & Co.KG Details


    Customer Review:
    One reviewer Says:"So must cutting scissors!" The company Dreiturm manufactures classic drop forged scissors according to old fathers custom and of the finest quality. You should not be satisfied with less. Andreas Lorenzi, scissors and knife sharpener in the 6th generation.”
    One reviewer Says:”A very good company, the products are made of high quality.”
    One reviewer Says: “Excellent.”

    5.H & F. Lauterjung GmbH & Co


    H. & F. Lauterjung GmbH & Co was founded in 1897 and has now existed for over 120 years. Professional Utensils for Bakers, Confectioners, Butchers, Hotels and Restaurants. You will find a wide range of professional kitchen knives and other kitchenware from here.

    Store information:

    (1) Address:Gasstraße 35B, 42657 Solingen, Germany

    (2)Open hours:

    Monday 7AM-5PM

    Tuesday 7AM-5PM

    Wednesday 7AM-5PM

    Thursday 7AM-5PM

    Friday 7AM-5PM

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday Closed

    (3)5、H. & F. Lauterjung GmbH & Co Details


    Customer Review:

    One reviewer Says:”As a trained chef, I can differentiate between good and bad knives / kitchen helpers. At Lauterjung I have always had good professional quality for decades. some knives are already 30 years old and are still in use. When the handle rivets (commercial dishwasher) came loose, I was helped here in a completely unbureaucratic way. A few days later, after a short call, I received an envelope with various rivets free of charge. Thank you keep it up!!!”
    One reviewer Says:”Best knives I've had. And I've had many.”
    One reviewer Says:”Best in Solingen. ”

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