Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit

Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit

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2-in-1 Design -- White corundum whetstone with 2 different sides, a coarse side (1000 grit) and a finer side (6000 grit). 1000 grit stone is capable of restoring the dullest blade to a sharp and straight cutting edge, and the 6000 grit stone helps to hone and polish that edge to astounding sharpness.

Anti-skid Base -- This kit features an non-slip dual base, silicone and bamboo base, designed to help you sharpen your knives with greater ease and safety, whether you've had years of practice or you're just getting started.

Angle guide included -- For a better sharpening experience, an auxiliary tool is included to maintain the sharpening angle, keep the fingers comfortable and secure and save energy at the same time.

Whetstone Specification -- Red side is 1000 grit / White side is 6000 grit. The total stone size is 180*60*27mm.

Note:The angle guide is suitable for beginners. This tool may result in scratches on the blade surface when sharpening. If you mind, please do not use it.


SHAN ZU Knife Sharpening Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit Double Sided Knife Sharpener Stone with Non-Slip Bamboo Base

Made for the professional chef, and easy-to-use for the home cook. The professional whetstone will make your favourite knives perform like they were brand new.
Use the 1000-grit coarse side followed by the 6000-grit polishing side, and no matter what you're cutting, it will feel like slicing through butter. It works on all types of knife blades.


Edge Angle
Blade Hardness
Blade Material
Japanese steel core & stainless steel cladding
Narrowing Tang
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