Knife Storage Block 6 Slots

Knife Storage Block 6 Slots

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User-friendly Rotatable Design -- Functional rotatable design provides an easy access to the knives. Just rotate the body and easily get the knife you want.

Suitable for All Kinds of Knives -- Six different sized slots are able to hold 6 knives depending on the size of the knives. The tall block body supports up to 8.4 inch length of the blade. Unique symmetric distributed slots hold the knives securely without scratching the blades.

Artistic Wood Design -- Made of Acacia wood with hard texture and beautiful grain which is always the first choice for building long-lasting items of furniture and homewares. This highly durable and water-resistant material will keep its natural texture and refrain from cracking.

Space Saver -- Cyclinder design leaves extra room for other kitchen utensils and appliances. The weighted bottom lends stability and prevents unwanted tip-over.

Clean And Hygiene -- A small drainage hole at the bottom provides a letout for water and prevents the breeding of bacterial.


Universal Knife Block Rotatable Round Cylinder Knife Holder Stand for Kitchen Knife, Space-Saver Knife Block with 6 Slots

SHAN ZU rotatable knife block takes the hassle out of storing and organizing your knives -- no more rummaging through a drawer full of messy stuffs.
It comes with different sized slots which are available for different types of knives from standard chef’s knife to paring knife.
Attractive cyclinder body with natural wood grain makes a beautiful kitchen décor. It’s an excellent addition to the kitchen of any style.

SHAN ZU-knife-block-6-slots


Products made from acacia wood should be hand-washed but not soaked in water and not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
Acacia wood products, like all wood products, should not be placed in the dishwasher. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your acacia wood product.

SHAN ZU-knife-block-6-slots

Edge Angle
Blade Hardness
Blade Material
Japanese steel core & stainless steel cladding
Narrowing Tang
Handle Material
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